Blue Ocean Products Make Great  Golf Gifts

Are you tired of looking for a special gift for the golfer in your life only to see the same boring items year after year? We were too! That’s why we came up with creative new golf themed merchandise like golf games, games for golf and other golf themed products. Here, you won’t find ties with golf tees on them. (Seriously?!) Nor will you find a sleeve of golf balls that reads “I Heart Dad”. (He won’t actually use those by the way) A 5 pack of Martini shaped tees? Nope! Here you will find products that you will be proud to give and they will be proud to use.

Maybe you have been on the receiving end of a bad golf gift or worse yet, you were on the giving end. We put together a list of today’s popular golf gifts and why you shouldn’t give these ideas to someone you care about.

Popular golf gifts and why he or she doesn’t want it.

Who wouldn’t want to receive a gift that costs a lot of money? That part is good. But trust us, that person is going to want to not only pick the clubs out themselves, they are also going to want to have them custom fit. Would you buy a new car for someone without them knowing exactly what it is. Of course not.

All you have to do is refer to the statement above. That is UNLESS that person has specifically showed you exactly what they want. Putters are very personal items and the golfer needs to feel connected to it to like it and trust it.

This screams desperation or I gave up because you literally have everything else. My golf clubs already take up a lot of space, this is just more.

If you need someone to explain why this is not a good idea I don’t think I can help. Anything with the word toilet in it is a bad idea unless it’s a gag gift.

This is an item on the list that I won’t argue with. It’s actually not a bad idea, but one subscription is enough for most people. So if they already have a subscription to Golf Digest or Golf. take a look around for something else.

FYI – It’s no longer 1985 and the last time I looked, our executives were no longer drinking booze and playing with their putter in their offices. Not to mention, if they really cared about improving their game, they’ed be at the course on a real putting green.

Honestly, where would they use this? So it has a spot for a bag of M&Ms? That doesn’t make it anymore useful. It make be cute but it’s not functional.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s golf themed or not but if the tie is sporting a some golf tee images or some off brand golf ball… Just don’t. Ever.

If the ball is generic and contains a phrase similar to “World’s best Dad” he will not, I repeat, will not actually use these balls. There is one exception which is when they are teeing off over the water hole and know there is a 1% chance they will make it over, then maybe.

Has your friend or family member been reincarnated into the next Rodney Dangerfield? I didn’t think so. Are you going to a bachelor party? Then ok, but ONLY in this scenario is this gift ok.

Is it a divot fixer? Is it a metal spike tool? Is it a brush? Yes, it’s all of these things and you know what? That golfer you were thinking about buying this for does not want their pants falling of because this tool is so heavy when they put it in their pocket. It won’t get used, but at least you tried.

No joking around here. Everyone loves a brand new pair of golf shoes but they need to be fitted properly. If you really want to give shoes, buy a gift card.